Vimfile for Autocare Professional


Centre Management

* Prepare Estimates (print/email).

* Generate Work Order (print/email).

* Track Work in Progress and close out.

* Multi-Location Inventory Management.

* Access to maintenance history of any vehicle.

* Cash report and management for outlets.

* Revenue Report on Parts and Outlets.

* Generate periodic Common Size Financial Statement for your autocare.

* Track Tax deductions and claims.

* Online appointment booking.

* Free Directory Listing.

* Good system internal controls and checks.

* Good for multi-locations autocare centres.

* Manage Business from any device, anywhere, anytime.

* 24/7 Support Services.

* No contract. Use for FREE for 30day. Cancel anytime.

* Migrate from existing software with ease.

* No limit to number of computers to use.

Customers Management

* Generate and Send invoice (email/Print).

* Receive payment -Cash, Credit card, Bank Transfer, checks.

* Automatically update client’s maintenance records.

* Set up maintenance reminders for clients.

* Online/Real time responds to technical questions.

Inventory Management

* Generate Purchase order (print/email).

* Confirm Delivery (confirmation sent to Vendors).

* Purchase Order monitoring.

* Transfer Parts from Purchase Order(PO) to Inventory.

* Track Parts Consumed.

* Track Profit/Margin on Parts consumed.

* Track inventory balance by category.

Vendors Management

* Set up vendors & details.

* Track Purchase Order(PO) issues to vendors.

* Track delivery by Vendors.

* Track Invoices paid and outstanding for vendors.

* Generate Vendors balance and reconcile account.

Technicians Management

* Set Up technicians & Details.

* Track Time sheet.

* Track hours work on work order.

* Track Labour cost on Completed work.

* Generate Labour cost report per category of work.

* Review Labour Cost management schedule.

* Track Work order assigned to technician.

There is no better software to successfully manage your Autocare centre than vimfile for Autocare centre

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