Most vehicle owners do not keep service history. Half of the time, its because there is no appropriate tool to do so or believing that the auto repair shop has the responsibilities of saving service records on their behalf. This made vehicle owners to be entitled to always patronize the auto repair shop, even when the quality of service is not satisfactory.

VIMFILE is a web-based auto data and repair shop software that allows the Auto Repair shop to share service records with vehicle owners.

In addition, vehicle owners are able to:

  • Track vehicle maintenance activities
  • Set up maintenance reminders
  • Send reminders to multiple emails
  • Track maintenance and services costs
  • Use analytics for planned and schedule maintenance
  • Budget for your vehicle maintenance costs
  • Access maintenance records anywhere, wherever
  • Keep eCopy of Warranties and repairs receipts
  • Export Data or integrate with other software
  • Ask questions from Experts