Your Vehicle Requires Immediate Attention If You Are Hearing These Noises From Your Engine

Here are 5 noises you should be aware of in your vehicle.


Any “hissing” noises coming from your engine may indicate a leak somewhere. There could be an issue with the catalytic converter which can result in the noise. Immediate attention is necessary as a blown engine poses a major safety risk – on top of a major potential repair bill.


“Popping” noises can indicate an issue with the fuel injector, or potential holes in the muffler. In any case, take your vehicle to the mechanic to be ahead of the problem. An unmaintained engine is prone to more damage over time, more fuel consumption, and more future leaks.


A “grinding” noise may not be an issue depending on your vehicle. Manual transmission vehicles tend to grind when you engage the clutch and shift. Automatics will create a jerking and shaking motion as opposed to a grinding noise. A trusted mechanic can take a look at if your transmission needs any adjustments.


“Squealing” can imply an issue with your brakes. It can be a trivial issue such as dirt build up that can be fixed with a simple cleaning. Or it may indicate a more serious concern of worn-out brake pads.


If you are hearing “knocking” noises, it is likely an issue with your ignition. This can result in a bad fuel filter, bad distributor cap and damaged spark plug.

Don’t wait till its too late! Begin having scheduled checkups for your vehicle and stay on top of your vehicle maintenance.

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Checklist: Keep Track Of What Your Vehicle Needs

Use this checklist as a quick guide to keep track of what your vehicle requires for maintenance. Staying on top of your vehicle’s health will make trips to the mechanic pleasant and unsurprising to the wallet.

  • Take Vehicle to Mechanic Checkup when “Check Engine” light appears lit
  • Inspect Engine Air Filter (once a year & replace it as needed)
  • Check Brake Pads
  • Maintain A Regular Car Washing Schedule (to protect it from seasonal elements)
  • Check And Change Oil
  • Test The Headlights, Brake lights
  • Replace Worn-out Windshield wipers

With Save On Auto Repair by Vimfile, you can contact nearby mechanics and make seamless appointments for your next checkup. Maintaining your vehicle can be rewarding in sustaining its value over the term of its use. It shouldn’t be a stressful activity and our goal is to make the experience an enjoyable one!

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What To Look For In A Quality Mechanic

With Save On Auto Repair, you can access a wide range of mechanics all within the convenience of a single app. Find, save, and compare mechanics listed nearby. With all of that information available, we can take this opportunity to outline what you should be looking for in a quality mechanic.

Work Ethic

You don’t want a mechanic that will not meet your demands in an appropriate amount of time. You can compare between mechanics’ work ethics by reading reviews left by previous customers.

Strong Communication

The better the communication can be, the more seamless the process will be. A quality mechanic can explain to you in clear terms what is the potential issue with a vehicle. When you have a better understanding of the problem and the solution, your confidence increases for the quality in the mechanic.


A quality mechanic can quickly find the issue, determine practical solutions, and provide accurate estimates during their diagnostics. You don’t want to have a mechanic who has less of an idea of what’s wrong with you vehicle than you do.

The process has become much easier to find a quality mechanic. With the Vimfile app, we have streamlined the way you compare mechanics so you can find your perfect mechanic that much faster.