Checklist: Keep Track Of What Your Vehicle Needs

Use this checklist as a quick guide to keep track of what your vehicle requires for maintenance. Staying on top of your vehicle’s health will make trips to the mechanic pleasant and unsurprising to the wallet.

  • Take Vehicle to Mechanic Checkup when “Check Engine” light appears lit
  • Inspect Engine Air Filter (once a year & replace it as needed)
  • Check Brake Pads
  • Maintain A Regular Car Washing Schedule (to protect it from seasonal elements)
  • Check And Change Oil
  • Test The Headlights, Brake lights
  • Replace Worn-out Windshield wipers

With Save On Auto Repair by Vimfile, you can contact nearby mechanics and make seamless appointments for your next checkup. Maintaining your vehicle can be rewarding in sustaining its value over the term of its use. It shouldn’t be a stressful activity and our goal is to make the experience an enjoyable one!

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