Tips For Maintaining Your Car This Summer

Tips For Maintaining Your Car This Summer

Keep The Summer Fun Going Longer With These Important Summer Car Maintenance Tips!

Tip #1: Inspect Your Air Conditioning

As the summer heat may cause leaks in the refrigerant, leading to poor circulation of cool air, your car’s A/C system needs to be checked often during summer.

Tip #2: Clean Your Car Battery

Car experts recommend getting the electrical system of your car checked at regular intervals. The heat that generates in large amounts in summers evaporate the fluids present in the battery which results in critical damage inside.

Tip #3: Check Tire Pressure

It is recommended to check the tire pressure on a monthly basis and change them when signs of wear and tear start to appear. After a summer drive, let the tires cool down and then check the pressure. This is because heat generally causes a rise in the tire pressure.

Tip #4: Clean Undercarriage of Your Car

Your car is working harder in the summer. Its best to make it a routine of cleaning your car’s undercarriage after the winter. Remove salt, grime, and other unwanted materials. This will reduce possibilities of rusting, leakages, and tears.

Tip #5: Replace Your Windshield Wipers

The rubber on your windshield wipers may be the first part of it to start showing it’s wear and tear, reminding you to switch them with new replacements. When replacing wipers, make sure to replace the entire wiper blade and not just the rubber edges.

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